Decorative Napkins as Collage Material

Signature cover

I made this collage on mixed media paper which is folded in half to create a unique cover for one of the signatures in the last journal I made.

It’s comprised of various papers, fabric and decorative paper napkins. Although I had seen them in stores, I would have never thought paper napkins could be used in collage, until I watched a Donna Downey video. ¬†She had a paper napkin with beautiful poppies on it that she used in an art journal. After watching that, I knew I had to try it.

Since watching that video, I’ve been on the hunt for all the beautiful paper napkins I can find. I use Liquitex fluid matte medium to attach them to the paper. Regular gel medium is too thick. They are very delicate, as you are only using one ply, so it pays to be careful.

Once everything is glued down and dry, I cover it all with a coat of polymer medium to seal it all in and make it more durable.  These would actually make great covers for notebooks, instead of putting them inside a journal.


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